Evocative instrumental music inspired by the landscapes and cultures we come from


Fadista / Ay Te Watcho [Vinyl 7"]

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Rifamos makes evocative music inspired by the landscapes and cultures where we live or grew up—the Arid West, the Southwest, and the West Coast of the United States. We aim for a sound that can be as big and dangerous as the ocean or the open frontier, sometimes bright and full of color, sometimes quiet and shadowy, with silhouettes of giant, immovable, dark masses of rock in the background, things living or otherwise, shifting beneath them. It might sound like a dude with an ancient Farfisa banging out garage rock, or a drunken fado song from old Portugal, or a swirling psychedelic mass of reverb and odd scales backed by an impossibly slow cumbia bass riff. We’re wordless and without singer by design; we want to conjure images: dudes in pressed chinos stepping out of lowriders, someone heading into the surf with an old longboard, a deep ravine in the middle of nowhere on a scorching day. Maybe you can feel hot sand underfoot and smell thunderheads on the horizon. Maybe you will hear the eternal reach of Ennio Morricone, Giant Sand, Celso Pina, Syd Barrett, the Pixies, Black Sabbath, and Amalia Rodrigues. It’s all in there. Most important for us, though, is that you can hear whatever you bring to it too.

John Pecorelli


Grant Sperry


Mitchell Vice


James Bennett

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For inquries, bookings and general information please email us at contact@rifamos.band.